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An exhibition of artist Pavel Kosharov has opened in the Research Library of Tomsk State University

The exposition "The creative heritage of the artist Pavel Kosharov " is located in the Exhibition Hall on the 2nd floor of the Old Building of the TSU Research Library. The exhibition will run until the beginning of March 2020. Exhibition opening times: Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 17:00 pm.  Call to register (3822) 785-109, 529-834.


The artist's hand

An exhibition in the Research Library of Tomsk State University will introduce you to the first professional artist of Tomsk - Pavel Kosharov.

The name of Pavel Mikhailovich Kosharov is well known to Tomsk citizens of the middle and older generation, especially those who study of local lore. Because of the work of Pavel Mikhailovich Kosharov, the view of the provincial city and its surroundings of the middle and second half of the 19th century in drawings and lithographs has been preserved. An important date - 195 years since the birth of the first professional artist of Tomsk- gave rise to once again turn to his creative heritage.

A pupil of Karl Brullov and Ivan Aivazovsky, a graduate of the drawing classes of the Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg became the first professional artist who lived and worked in Tomsk from 1854 to 1902. He worked in a male gymnasium as a teacher of painting and graphic art, taught iconography in the Tomsk Theological Seminary, taught drawing classes at the non-classical secondary school (where he moved from the gymnasium at the request of his friend and first director of the school, Gavriil Tyumentsev). He took part in the expedition of the famous traveler P.P. Semenov to the Tien Shan as a painter.

Pavel Kosharov published the first album with views of Tomsk in 1886, which included eight of his lithographs. Five years later he began to produce a series of lithographic works "Artistic and ethnographic pictures of Siberia" with the description. These 48 works can be considered a significant contribution not only to culture, but also to science, because the pictures accurately show the appearance of the Altaians, their way of life, how their houses looked and other important information for history and ethnography.

Galina Kolosova opened the work of Pavel Kosharov to the citizens of modern Tomsk. At that time, she was in charge of Department of Rare Books in the TSU Research library, where Kosharov's graphic and pictorial works are still stored today. In the 1990s of the last century, she initiated the first exhibition, and then all subsequent ones, including the current one.

«Of course, pencil sketches get worse from time to time. There is such a problem, but for now we can still show Pavel Mikhailovich's pictures,» Galina Iosifovna gives comments on individual exhibits. «Please turn your attention: the album cover is made by his hand. He prepared and presented his works to Tyumentsev. They met in 1870, when Tyumentsev moved from Krasnoyarsk to Tomsk in the men's gymnasium. They were friends. I think, when Kosharov made the description of artistic and ethnographic works, he used the richest library of Tyumentsev»

Galina Kolosova worked with the book collection of Gabriel Tyumentsev, which entered the TSU Research Library in 1925. Among 700 books on various fields of knowledge, she found 140 graphic works, including drawings by Pavel Kosharov. For almost a hundred years they were unknown to people. At their public presentation people studying local lore, historians and professional artists showed genuine interest in these works.

«The role of the artist in the time of Kosharov was somewhat different than now, - comments on the current exhibition Tatiana Zavyalova,» comments on the current exhibition Tatiana Zavyalova (artist, teacher of the Department of design Institute of Arts and Culture of TSU), «An important task is the reflection of reality. Before photography, only artists could capture the views of the city, landscapes, architecture, citizens. The level of work of Pavel Mikhailovich is amazing. I look at his lithography, and it is hard to believe: how can this be transformed into lithography? Because there is a drawing on the stone in a mirror image. You have to be a great master, not just to reproduce reality in a mirror image, but to do it so accurate and detailed!»

Three times drawings from the library collection became objects of various exhibitions, and last year an album was released by the efforts of the TSU Research library. The exposition of the current exhibition presents about 100 drawings and paintings from the collections of the TSU Research Library and the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of Siberia at TSU. As the Director of the library Artem Vasiliev correctly stated, the exhibition is addressed to all residents of Tomsk.

At the opening of the exhibition , the President of TSU, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical sciences Georgy Mayer noted the unique opportunity of the Tomsk citizens «to learn more about the immortal values of culture, which are stored in Tomsk University».

The first visitors of the exhibition, among whom were artists and Museum workers, looking at the drawings Kosharova, noted the serious work of the artist: the way of method of imaging the state of nature and the author’s attitude to the landscape, urban or natural. Kirill Konev, who conducted the first tour of the exhibition, drew attention on this same:

«This is not just a city landscape, not just architecture as Kosharov saw it, but also the context of city life. Here we see ladies who are forced to raise dresses to cross Millionnaya street. It shows the attitude of the artist, his character, and observation. Some drawings represent Tomsk as it does not exist anymore – the Holy Trinity Cathedral on the square, the Theatre of E.I. Korolev ... But the view of the city of earlier times is important for history and for us, now living in Tomsk».

Tatiana Vesnina,
music editor
Tomsk Regional State Philharmonic Society,
member of the Association of Theatre Critics

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