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Die 50 besten Warm-up-Spiele für Gruppen

When a teacher works with a group, the main difficulty at the beginning is to “warm up” the participants. As the author writes, it is necessary to “break the ice”. The process will go faster due to well-chosen games. You will find games for perception, for first interaction between the participants, games for dynamics and growing rapport in this book. Thus, in one of the games for getting to know each other every participant chooses the part of the body with which he/she would like to greet the others. In the game “Alphabet improvisations” the participants form a circle, a moderator gives a situation, the first participant makes up a story starting from the letter “A”, the next participants continue correspondingly with the letters “B”, “C”, “D”, etc.

Behnke, A. Die 50 besten Warm-up-Spiele für Gruppen. – München : Don Bosco Medien, 2019. – 77 p. (Location-German reading room, catalogue code Ш143.24 B39)

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