RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Regional Methodological Association of University Libraries of the West Siberia

TSU Research Library has a long tradition of collaborating with other libraries. Methodological activity took the form of purposeful activity after the Library received the status of the regional methodological center (Order of Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR № 521, 03 July 1969).

Today, in the Western Siberian region there are 52 university libraries, located in 7 city-methodological associations:

  • Barnaul
  • Kemerovo
  • Novokuznetsk
  • Novosibirsk
  • Omsk
  • Surgut
  • Tomsk

At the TSU Research Library is based a regional methodological council. Every year more than 80 experts of university libraries in Siberia participate in a meeting of the council.

Since 2009, the TSU Research Library by agreement with MSU Academic Library has gathered statistical indicators on libraries for the Regional Methodological Association. The annual results of the libraries are expressed in the following key figures:

  • 136,221,441 documents
  • 465,400 readers
  • 8,911,999 visitors
  • 27,505,501 library checkouts
  • 95,272,146 new arrivals

TSU Research Library supports regional university libraries, disseminating innovative experience through a variety of activities. TSU Research Library staff members participated in the 11th All-Russia School of Library Innovation – “Library system of the city: corporate associations, interagency cooperation, new models of service” (Tomsk, Municipal Information Library System, Academy for Retraining in Arts, Culture and Tourism, 2012); and organized and held a conference “The Library in the research and cultural space of university” (2013). Annually more than 60 library experts of the Siberian Federal District have an internship at the library. They participate in seminars on preservation of archival documents, methods of conservation and restoration, and educational work with book monuments.

In the site of the library there are such rubrics as «Documents», «Teaching & learning». There are professional programs on advanced trainings, full-text editions on library science, in which are standards and formats, and Russian rules of cataloging. Information on libraries of the region provides a virtual guide to the 56 libraries in Tomsk and 52 libraries in Western Siberia. The latest achievements in the library activities are presented in the collection "University Libraries in Western Siberia. Experience of Work " (29 issues).

TSU Research library plays a constructive role in the development of computerization of libraries in the region. TSU Research Library suggested using bar coding technology with code EAN 128. March 2013, TSU Research Library launched a new version of the electronic catalog (CHAMO). The Library staff members help all libraries of the region implementing the catalog. The library supports all participants of VLTS. September 2013, TSU Research Library was a venue of Russian Group of Users VLTS with the participation of a representative of RosGemma (Barcelona). About 50 experts of libraries participated in the meeting. Currently the Library is tasked to ensure cooperation and coordination of the activities of the Western Siberian university libraries.