RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Social Activity


Trade Union Organization of the Research Library (ProfSoyuz)

Areas of activities

  • Creation of system for informing members of the trade union
  • Informing members of the trade union on work of higher bodies of the trade unions, their decisions on all the main areas of activity
  • Participation in the resolution of individual and collective labor disputes
  • Organization of outreach and involvement of young people in trade unions
  • Social and legal protection of the Library staff
  • Organizing and holding sports and recreation activities
  • Providing material assistance to union members in need
  • Studying labor conditions and compliance with safety regulations
  • Work on improvement of health and organization of cultural events for children of employees
  • Assistance in holding activities on disease prevention (allocation of permits for sport and recreation center)
  • Placement of employees’ children in preschools
  • Consultations on housing legislation

Members of the Trade Union (ProfSoyuz)

Chairperson  —  Elena Stepanovna Sakharova
Phone: (+73822) 52-98-07

Deputy  — Irina Adolfovna Kanaki
Phone: (+73822) 53-42-97