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String theory

We are just advanced breed of monkeys on a planet of a very average star.

But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special.

Stephen Hawking

The string theory is very often called «theory of everything», because its goal is to describe all fundamental forces of interaction in the Universe including gravitation, quantum mechanics and relativity theory. This pioneering concept represents the new understanding of space and time, it tends to explain combination of such phenomena as black holes and the quark-gluon plasma, additional dimensions and quantum fluctuations.

Gabser S. Small book about big string theory: looking for organizational principles of the Universe / Stephen Gabser : Pieter, 2015, 201 p.

In spite of the complicacy of the contemplated subject, the Princeton University professor Stephen Gabser suggests емкое, доступное and занимательное introduction into one of the most talked today fields of physics. In the meantime principles of the string theory are not finally proved, however, even those secrets, which are already slightly opened, allow us to be delighted with harmony of the universe and to discuss practical application of future discoveries in the high energy physics.

Yau Sh. String theory and hidden dimensions of the Universe / Shintan Yau, Stive Nadis, Saint-Petersburg [and other] : Pieter, 2013, 399 p.

The pioneering string theory claims that we live in the ten-dimensional Universe, but only four out of these dimensions are available to the human perception. Relying on contemporary scientists, the other six dimensions are rolled into an amazing structure, which is known as the manifold Calabi Yau diversity. The mathematician Shintan Yau, one of the first discoverers of these impressive dimensions, implies that geometry is not only the basis of the string theory, but also is in the very nature of our Universe. Along with the book authors repeat the gripping adventure of scientific discovery: from the crazy idea to the finalized theory. You will have the fascinating investigation ahead, exciting trip to the hidden dimensions of the Universe.

Pokrovskiy V. V. Space, Universe, theory of everything almost without formulas, or as the superstring theory was achieved / V. V. Pokrovsiy, Moscow : LIBROCOM, 2013, 202 p. : illustrations – (science to everyone! Masterpieces of popular science literature. Physics).

In the book there was given the captivating narrative about main stages of development of different points of view on the Universe order. Fundamental issues of contemporary cosmology and theoretical physics are considered: the Einsteinian theory of relativity, quantum physics, parallel worlds, possibility of time travels, interstellar journeies, UFO, string theory, which lays claim to the theory of everything. The material is stated in the form of questions and answers, because, on the author’s opinion, conversational mode helps to understand better the essence of the information set in the book.

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