НАУЧНАЯ БИБЛИОТЕКА Томского государственного университета


09 ноября 2015
HR – TREND 2015: talent-management and transformation of organizational culture

Dear colleagues!

We invite all the interested librarians, participants of projects and personnel pool to participate in discussions on changes of different aspects of the university life and the library.

The conference will take place in the conference-hall of the Scientific Library of TSU on 13-14 November 2015. For more details, follow the link: http://hr-trend.tsu.ru/?page_id=128

Within the conference on 13 November 2015 from 18:00 to 21:00 there will be held HR – RANGE, where 13 trainings and workshops will take part, they will be aimed to develop potential of personnel — effective imagination, body culture, creative abilities.

Registration is until 10 November!

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