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25 сентября 2019
The graduate of Tomsk State University presented her books to TSU Research Library

Research library of Tomsk State University received as a  gift the trilogy "Bridge from Siberia to Finland", the author of which is a graduate of Tomsk State University ,Galina Punkkinen (Sirotina).

The trilogy - "Tomsk-the cradle of my soul", "My multifaced Leningrad" and "My Siberian soul in Finland" - was released in 2019 in Finland in Finnish. It includes autobiographic memories, literary stories, poems, some of which are translated into Russian. Numerous photographs from the author's archive are also published there.

The name of the first part of the trilogy narrates for itself. According to Galina Punkkinen,  this "autobiographic piece of writing is about the so called "unclosed" life of the so-called "closed town" of Tomsk in the Soviet era»:

I think my book might be of interest to the biased and unbiased western reader either. I suppose that many issues might seem not real to them, since Siberia has long been thought of as being cold and unhappy in the minds of many foreigners... Where the book "Tomsk – the cradle of my soul" presents everything in the opposite way, in comparison with the first book.

Two other books of the trilogy – “My multifaced Leningrad "and " My Siberian soul in Finland " – are also lyrical, full of author's observations, sketches of human’s fates.

On the whole, the trilogy is a chronicle not only the author’s life, Galina Punkkinen, but several generations of her loved ones and contemporaries.

More about the author:

Galina Punkkinen (Sirotina) graduated from the faculty of history and philology of Tomsk State University (Special group 327).In 1968 she defended his thesis in German. She taught pedagogy at TSU and German at Tomsk Polytechnic Institute. In 1972-1975 she studied in full-time post-graduate school of Leningrad state University (Department of pedagogy and pedagogical psychology). In 1976 she defended her PhD thesis on " Psychological and pedagogical peculiarities of the teaching instructor in higher education." In 1987 she moved to Finland, worked at the University of Helsinki and the Polytechnic University of Lappeenranta as a lecturer and scientific consultant of the Russian language. Currently she lives in Taavetti-the municipal center of Luumäki, works in the National college of South Karelia as a teacher of Russian. In addition to writing poetry and prose she also enjoys photography, foreign languages and sports, and is a member of the writers ' Association Kirjoittajayhdistys Paltta ry.

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