RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Accessible environment: library for people with disabilities

TSU Research Library participates in the project “Accessible environment” and aims at:

  • providing equal access to library services to all library user groups;
  • expanding access to different kinds of information on all subject areas;
  • assisting in the learning process using information technologies, in social integration and organization of leisure time and communication, in legal protection.

A set of organizational and technical arrangements was implemented to improve library services for people with disabilities.

I.  Library building

- “Assistant call button” was installed at the main entrance

- Signs of building accessibility and information plates were installed;

- A portable stair lift and a wheelchair were obtained (one can get on the 1st floor of the building and not take own wheelchair);

II. Comprehensive services in 24/7 Information Centre (1st floor of the new building, tel. 78-51-23):

- book search by e-catalogue;

- selection of literature by subject;

- delivery of books from reading rooms and delivery desk to the Information Centre 24/7;

- copying, scanning, printing;

- access to the Internet, via Wi-Fi as well;

- access to the electronic resources and databases, including legal, the library is subscribed to; some resources allow assistive technologies (talking books and zoom of the font);

- possibilities to listen to literature and other electronic materials for visually impaired people;

III. Remote services

- Online requests for books, reserving and renewal in user’s account;

- Virtual reference service;

- Electronic catalogues;

- Remote access to electronic resources and databases the library is subscribed to (to get access one needs to have valid permanent Reader Card);

IV. Special equipment (in 24/7 Information Centre)


VERT audio loop

Portable sound intensifier that enables better hearing in conditions of ambient noise and reverberation (for hearing impaired people)


Smart Bee player

It is used for listening to talking books, text, audio and video files (for visually impaired people)


Ruby Freedom lens

It is used for local zoom of the text (for visually impaired people)


Dear library users, for your comfortable work please contact and inform the 24/7 Information Centre librarian about the time and purpose of your visit (lending a book, working with e-resources etc.) before visiting the library, by phone 78-51-23 or by email:

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