RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University


The Research Library of Tomsk State University, which was founded at the same time as the University in 1888, has historically worked to assist TSU and meet the information demands of the University community.

The TSU Research Library views its mission as facilitating the quality improvement of academic and scientific work at TSU by providing a variety of innovative library information products to researchers, faculty, and students of the University and its partners.

As an integral part of the University’s information environment, its resource, communication, and sociocultural center, the TSU Research Library contributes to integrating the scientific and cultural potential of TSU into the Russian and world information space.

As a methodological center among the university libraries in Western Siberia, the TSU Research Library further develops partnerships and network interactions with university libraries in Russia and implements innovative approaches in librarianship.

Our main goals are:

  • Forming library information resources by means of strengthening the interaction between the faculties and research departments of the University. Ensuring development of the Research Library as a resource center by providing researchers, teachers and students access to necessary information
  • Creating and provide up-to-date information products and services that support research and academic activities at all stages; to ensure the availability of all resources of the Research Library in the world information space, including TSU publications
  • Assisting the development of information culture and improve the research competence of students, post-graduates and faculty.
  • Being open to innovations and ensuring its leading positions in the field of library services and technologies; transferring its advanced experience to the professional community of the university libraries in Russia.
  • Securing the safe preservation of unique book collections of TSU Research Library for the future generations and the availability of these collections in the world information space; arranging consistent work with the literary heritage in Tomsk and the Tomsk Region.
  • Creating a comfortable environment for independent research and academic activity, meaningful communication, knowledge exchange, and also for professional and personal fulfillment of the library staff.