RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Bibliographic Information Center

Head: Irina L. Faruksha

Phone: (+73822) 78-51-26

Location: New Building, 2nd floor
Opening hours: Mon. – Fri.  9 am – 9 pm

Last Thursday of the month – cleaning day

The Bibliographic Information Center includes a reading room with a collection of reference, bibliographic, and informational literature, working places with access to electronic resources (including remote access).

Main activities

1. Providing reference, bibliographic and information services. 2. Shaping the information culture. 3. Setting up the reference and bibliographic operations of the library. 4. Performing scientific, bibliographic, and analytical activities and creating library databases.


  • Individual and group consultations on methods of working with the references and-bibliographies, and on searching and using library sources, including electronic ones.
  • Working with subject related, clarifying, library-addressed, and factual requests in a verbal or written “request/response” manner.
  • Answering written inquiries.
  • Providing access to local and remote electronic resources.
  • Editing lists for scholarly papers.
  • Studies on “Basics of information culture” syllabus.
  • Arranging seminars and training courses on working with electronic resources.
  • Advising on rules and terms for writing reports, term papers, diploma theses, and scholarly papers.
  • Preparing educational materials.
  • Giving activity related tours of the library.
  • Organizing exhibitions about the problems that face institutions of higher education and exhibiting the newest arrivals of reference and bibliographic literature and periodicals.
  • Preparing bibliographic study aids, retrospective bibliographic indices on specific subjects, lists of references, and biobibliographies.
  • Informing TSU departments about new services provided at the library.
  • Creating manuals, algorithms, tutorials, and guides for users to help them search for information in local and remote electronic databases and on the Internet.
  • Arranging meetings and seminars on reference, bibliographic, and information work.
  • Providing working places with access to electronic resources.

Additional services

  • Copying information onto data storage devices.
  • Black-and-white printing.