RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Laboratory of Library and Communication Research

The Laboratory was established in 2014 under the plan of TSU's competitiveness enhancement programme.

This - decision was dictated by significant changes in the role of university libraries in modern informational society. A library is no longer a place for text storage but a new knowledge manager, a platform for active collaboration of institutions, faculties, and departments with leading research centers.

The main goal of the Laboratory is to find an optimal model for developing research and educational and cultural, services and information segments of TSU Research Library, allowing it to meet the requirements of the contemporary world.

The Library staff includes various specialists, including: qualified librarians, experts in humanities, chemists and biologists.

The Laboratory provides the following services to organizations – scientific advice in preparation of exhibitions having historical and cultural values, expertise and restoration of book monuments, and software for search and analytical services.


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