RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University


09 November 2015
Round table meeting «Book artefacts of Tomsk region»

On 10 November in the Research Library (RL) of the university of Tomsk there will be working the round table meeting, where it will be provided the discussion of the legislative initiative of the Regional Center of work with book artefacts. The main point of the initiative is to make additions into the Law «On librarianship and compulsory copy in Tomsk region», which will touch upon a question of the work with book artefacts. Library experts and deputies to the Legislative Duma of Tomsk region V.V. Kazakov, L.F. Pichurin will become the participants of the discussion.

The round table meeting is dedicated to the annual Russian council on the questions of work with book artefacts, which is being held in Russian State Library (Moscow). Subjects of reports of Russian colleagues will touch upon the following issues: presentation of rare editions in electronic resources of the biggest libraries of the country, formation of electronic collections, expression of information about book artefacts. The program of the event is available on the electronic link:

The meeting will begin on November 10 at 11:00 in the small conference-hall of the SL (old building, 1st floor). The Broadcast of the Russian council will start at 13:00 in the same hall. All the people concerned are invited to participate in these events.