RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Circulation Desk

Chief Librarian: Svetlana A. Romandina

Phone: (+73822) 78-51-49


Location: New Building, 2nd floor

Working hours: Monday-Friday 9 am – 7 pm, Sat. 9 am – 3 pm, Sunday — closed

Last Thursday of the month – cleaning day


Main services

Rules and terms of delivery


The Circulation Desk is a subdivision of the Department of Electronic Delivery, Registration, and Analysis. The collection of this subdivision (about 200 000 copies) includes textbooks, tutorials on disciplines taught at the university, methodological study aids, and dictionaries etc.

All items can be checked out for home use (for a semester or an academic year) by users that either study or work at TSU and have permanent Reader Cards.


Main services

- Checking out items for readers to use at home or in the reading rooms

-Renewal of item: to learn how to renew the items yourself, please see Item Renewals.

- Providing access to the electronic catalogue

- Advising on informational searches

- Arranging exhibitions of new arrivals

- Giving introductory tours

- Providing online access to personal electronic library accounts

- Emailing information about the terms of expiration for borrowed items

Items from the Circulation Desk collection, main book collection and branch reading rooms that were checked out for use at home should be returned in time or renewed. Overdue fees are charged for keeping items after the due date (see price-list of paid services).


Rules and terms of delivery

Terms of item delivery differ according to the class of an item. Please, note that items with the same title can have different terms of use.

Rules of registering items for delivery for home use differ depending on where they are stored (please, pay attention to an item’s details in the electronic catalogue, navigation section on the left, “place of storage”).

Place of storage: Circulation Desk/Depository

To get an item from the Circulation Desk collection, please find it in the electronic catalogue, make sure it is “Available”, write down the call number of an item, the author’s name, and the publication date and address a librarian at the Circulation Desk.

Place of storage: Main Library Stock (Depository)

The Circulation Desk also checks out items from the main library stock (Depositary). Please fill in an electronic or hand-written request. Items are given out for use in the reading halls or at home.

  • Items requested from the main collection can be borrowed for a term of 7 to 30 days for use at home to those users that either study or work at TSU and have a permanent Reader Card. Using items in the reading rooms is available to all users, including users not affiliated with TSU.
  • Items that are checked out for use in the reading rooms must not be taken out of the library and must be returned to the Circulation Desk no later than 10-15 minutes before the Circulation Desk closes.
  • Items that were requested and not claimed are stored at the Circulation Desk for 5 days and then are returned to the main library stock.

Place of storage: Reading Rooms

To get a book, please write down the author’s name, item title, and call number of an item and address a librarian or take the book from the shelf on your own.

To check out and get a permit for taking the book out of the library a user should address the Circulation Desk librarians.

  • Open access items from the branch reading rooms can be borrowed for a term of 1, 7 and 30 days (the term is indicated on the return form that is attached to every item)

Place of storage: Faculty/Department Library

An item can be borrowed at the faculties, departments, subdivisions of TSU and in the libraries of Tomsk.