RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University


14 May 2019
We invite you to the Days of Indigenous people "Ob people”

16, 17 and 24 May Tomsk State University with  support of the Tomsk Regional Administration will host the event  Days of indigenous people "Ob people" which is dedicated to culture and traditions of the indigenous people of the North of Tomsk region and aimed to support  their economic and social development.

The following events will be held in the English Reading Room of the International Resource center of the Research Library Tomsk State University on 17 May:

16:00 – Video lecture "The Legend of the Unknown People". Presenter – Sofia S. Berezovskaya, associate Professor of the Department of cultural studies, theory and history of culture;

18:00 – Discussion Area "Living Library Experts from Verkhneketsky district, Tomsk region: Vladimir Domnin, hereditary hunter Selkup Misurkin dynasty, Vladimir Ivigin-elder Evenki  Chamba dynasty.

Within the framework of the discussion platform, the participants may have an opportunity to talk with the hereditary hunter of the Selkup family in informal atmosphere and:

  • to know about peculiarities of taiga hunting for bears, elks, squirrels, hares, sables;
  • to learn about shamanic attributes;
  • to know why Evenks have three names;
  • to know the story of the kamlania ritual and what is it for;
  • to find out how to nomad with deers for five years.

Moreover, English reading room presents the exhibition "Indigenous languages and cultures". The books presented at the exhibition provide an opportunity to get acquainted with a wide variety of dialects of the English-speaking population, which are spread around the world. Visitors can read about the peculiarities of certain words, expressions, idioms, language structures used by native English/ American speakers which  are characteristics of particular territories. The book by Lenore A. Grenoble and Lindsay J. Whaley "Saving Languages: an introduction to language revitalization"is of particular interest, which may be considered as a real guide to the preservation of linguistic diversity, designed for either students, researchers and teachers of linguistic major. The authors focus on complex activities in the social, political, economic and linguistic spheres in the creation of fundamental program for endangered languages preservation.

The exhibition will run till May 31. 

The days of indigenous peoples "Ob people", as well as the exhibition and other events in the International Resource Centre are dedicated to the International year of indigenous languages announced by United Nations Organization.