RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University


Research Library organizes operative information and library services for TSU students, PhD students, teachers, members of scientific stuff and others according with their information requests on the basis of free access to information and provides free basic library services.

Title of serviceType (form) of service

I. Information and library services

Registration in the libraryInformation and library service
Book orderOrder necessary book
Execution of requests on subject, or on establishing, confirmation of facts, data, eventsResponse to a request
Delivery of documents or their copies from other librariesProvision of books, articles, absent in funds
Indexing documents according to the classification systems LBC and UDCAssign a special number to file, this number is important for registration in TSU or in a publishing house
Informing teachers, PhD students and researchers about:

- New publications

- Access to remote databases

- Services and capabilities of the library at faculty meetings and councils TSU

    Exhibition of new additions in reading rooms; list of additions in the site; providing information; reviews; presentations
    Coping (saving) information from databases (under the terms of the license agreement or copyright rules) in electronic media of usersCoping information in USB Flash Drive or other external media
    Providing printed and electronic documents
    Access to Internet: 
    • Providing access to Internet and remote and local databases of scientific and educational resources
    Access to electronic journals, books, regulatory documents, patents, abstracts, dissertations, etc.
    Access to full-text, electronic, education and other documents
    • Access to bibliographic databases, prepared by the library, including to the electronic catalog
    Access to bibliographic information
    • Internet
    Unlimited internet access to any sites from PC at the library
    Access to Internet
    Providing full information on the composition of the library funds via the system of catalogsAccess to catalog
    Providing documents on requests of users, based on:
    • electronic request
    • hardcopy (printed) request
    • oral request
    Delivery of books from the library funds under requests of users
    Electronic checkouts of documentsDocument checkouts
    Rules for checking out materials from the Reading RoomsDocument checkouts
    Providing information of publishers and suppliers (bookselling organizations) for
    • ordering books
    • subscriptions to journals and papers
    • subscriptions to databases
    Place an order
    Providing services: 
    • Workstations with access to electronic resources of the library
    Working with standard office softwareWorkstation with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    Conducted activities: 
    • book exhibitions and TSU activities
    Book exhibition
    • Review of books and journals
    • Thematic excursion in Scientific Library
    Individual and communal viewing of videofilms and listening of audiorecordsCheckouts of audio-visual documents
    • Cultural activities (within of TSU educational strategy)
    Day of writer, contests, meeting, presentations, lections, watching films, discussing and others
    Personal account in the electronic catalog of Scientific libraryThe list of given books;
    Changing the date of return a library book;
    Information on reserved editions;
    Contact information with capability for making changes

    II. Individual consultation In fields of:

    Organization of library activityConsultation

    III. Teaching activities

    Lections and workshops
    • Teaching PhD students to advanced methods of information retrieval in traditional and automated library information systems
    Lections and workshops
    • Teaching professors and library specialists to methods of work with electronic resources (with awarding state certificate)
    Scientific workshops, lections, workshops
    Development guidelines and manuals for independent search for information in databasesMethodological recommendations, searching algorithms in printed and electronic forms
    Methodological support of the West Siberian university librariesInternship, seminars, workshops, consultations