RESEARCH LIBRARY of Tomsk State University

Terms of Use

Research Library of Tomsk State University Policies

1. The Research Library of Tomsk State University (“the Library”) is one of structural subdivisions of the University. The Library provides information support of the educational process and research for the University by creating the necessary conditions for access to information and advanced services and training on using research and educational information resources. Its principal activities are: library, bibliographic, cultural, educational, research (including methodology), and information activities.

2. These Policies are in accordance with the provisions for structural subdivisions of Tomsk State University – the “Research Library of Tomsk State University”, based on the model rules for using the libraries of universities and the model regulations on the access procedure and conditions to library collections of educational institution for users who are not students and workers of the educational institution.

3. These Policies regulate the relationship between the Library and it users: the rights, duties and responsibilities of the parties.

4. The Library provides information and library services for students, lecturers, workers of Tomsk State University (TSU) in accordance with their requests for information. For these categories the Library provides basic information and library services at no cost to the user. The services are based on free access to information.

5. All those who are not students and workers of TSU: students, post-graduate (master’s or PhD) students, lecturers in other universities, employees of research institutes, teacher, clergy, and other citizens (over 14 years), regardless of gender, ethnicity, education, social status, political opinion, and attitude to religion have the right to use the Library at no cost.

6. The Library staff members have all rights to use the Library.

7. Information and library services for users are conducted at the reading rooms, the Delivery Desk, by remote access through a website, in social network sites (library blogs, VKontakte, Twitter) and email, and by electronic delivery of documents. The services are regulated by the instructions and methodological documentation for the Library.

8. The Library is open every day in accordance with posted hours excluding cleaning days and holidays. Virtual visits may be carried out around the clock. Mailing address: Lenina 34A, Tomsk, 634050. Web-site: http: //; e-mail: